I guess Katty Perry was just determined to get a TV spot with puppets after the recent Elmo/cleavage fiasco on Sesame Street.  Whatever the case may be, it was recently announced that the pop star will guest star on a very special episode of the Simpsons.  That’s right, one involving puppets and live action.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones thinking, “If the Simpsons could choose anyone to be the very first live guest on the show, why choose Katy Perry?”

At the very least, I hope she wears something a bit more modest…

In all honesty, this isn’t actually a shot at redemption for Perry since her segment of the episode was shot just before PBS announced that they would remove her from Sesame Street.  Go figure.

The Simpsons puppets, which look quite good in my opinion, were created and operated by Swazzle and the puppet segment was produced and directed by The Chiodo Brothers.  I like that the show decided to change things up and do a puppet episode.  Something the Simpsons has in common with Sesame Street, besides the fact that both shows have been on TV forever, is that they are extremely innovative.

The episode “The Fight Before Christmas” is scheduled to premier on Fox Dec. 5th.  Here’s a sneak peak clip of the puppet episode that was taken at Comic Con 2010:

Comic Con Sneak Preview – Simpsons Puppet Christmas


If that wasn’t enough, Katy Perry also poked fun at the whole Sesame Street incident in the form of a Saturday Night Live sketch.  Perry plays a sexy librarian who wears a V-neck shirt after being asked to wear looser fitting clothing.  It’s no accident that the shirt bares an image of Elmo.

Take that, Sesame Street!


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