The blogosphere has really been buzzing about the recent incidents with Katy Perry and the music video she taped with Elmo on Sesame Street.  Apparently, critics said the video was just too raunchy to put on TV in front of the eyes of preschoolers.

Perry was invited on Sesame Street in order to film a segment for a show that was scheduled to air sometime around New Years Eve (they’re way ahead of the game over there on Sesame Street, aren’t they?).  The segment features Perry preparing to meet Elmo for a play date.  Perry is expecting to play dress-up, while Elmo has other ideas entirely (minds out of the gutter please, we’re not at the raunchy part yet).  In any case, Sesame Street posted the video on YouTube as a promotion for the new season.  However, the video made the YouTubers excited for an entirely different reason (okay, here’s the raunchy part).

Sesame Street found themselves bombarded with YouTube comments from upset, disappointed, concerned, and all-in-all hot and bothered (emphasis on the “hot” part) public.  Sesame Street took notice of the comments and decided it would be best to drop the segment entirely from the show.

If you ask me, I’m not sure that the preschoolers will be paying much attention to the scantily clad singer on the TV; although, they’re older siblings probably will (especially the pre-teen boys).  In truth, there’s plenty of worse stuff that can be found on just about every other channel on TV, but I suppose it makes sense not to encourage this particular type of attire directly to young minds.

Oh, Sesame Street.  Always looking out for the best interests of the kids.

I’m not sure just who chose the outfit Perry would be wearing for the show.  Sure, she has a reputation, but I’m slow to place the blame entirely on her.  After all, it wasn’t until after the video was shot and posted on YouTube that it was cut for being too hot for kids TV.  Perry apparently commented on Twitter about the segment being cut, but she didn’t seem upset or offended.  And she made no reference to her abundance of cleavage.

Sesame Street decided to leave the video up on YouTube so people could still view it.  As of now, the video has not been marked as “adult content” and placed behind their over 18 filter; however, I think it would be absolutely hilarious if it does.

So without further ado, here is the video in question:

Katy Perry ft. Elmo – Hot N Cold


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